Financial Consulting – Healthcare Professionals

There’s a growing concern regarding the gap between the increasing demand for healthcare providers within the state of Florida and the deficiency of proper training for licensure offered to Healthcare Professionals to guarantee quality assurance and compliance and management services to operate their businesses both, efficiently and effectively. Assisted Living Facilities that are started and operated by Healthcare Professionals who have not been properly trained have a greater probability for failure, which produces negative outcomes for employees, patients, families, and communities. The safety of the patients cared for within Assisted Living Facilities are the top priority of Healthcare Professionals. Whether there is negligence, abuse or the lack of care given to patients by employees or an absence of an emergency operations plan in the event of a natural disaster, without proper training and planning, the outcomes have been devastating. Lastly, the 2017 Monthly and Annual median costs, as reported by Genworth, of a private, one-bedroom unit in an assisted living facility in the state of Florida are $3,100 and $37,200, respectively. Healthcare Professionals who do not receive the proper guidance and expertise to operate their businesses at optimal levels, will increase the likelihood of failure.

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